Top Five Views Within 3 Hours of Bowling Green, Kentucky

     I frequently get asked where good hikes are in our area. Bowling Green has a couple local favorites, but unfortunately living in cave country doesn't make for many good views above the ground. If you are looking for a stunning spot to soak in the landscape, you've got to be willing to drive a ways. These are five of my favorite places that are within a three hour drive of Bowling Green.  

5. Narrows of the Harpeth - TN

     The Narrows is only about an hour and a half away in Tennessee. It's the perfect spot to take in the sunrise with a cup of coffee. The river below the overlook is beautiful and there is even a man made water feature if you want to extend your trip. The hike to the top is about a mile long but it's straight up so be prepared for a steep path. 

4. Pilot Rock - KY

     Pilot Rock is an hour away in Todd County. And though I wouldn't call it much of a hike, It's basically a flight of stairs and then a quick rock scramble to the top of the cliff. This is definitely the best view for the least amount of work. Sunset's up here are nothing short of magical. You do have to deal with what the graffiti goons have left behind, but the rolling Kentucky hills and sprawling farmland make up for it.

3. Eagle Falls - KY

     Eagle falls is located in Cumberland Falls State Park, two and half hours away. It's a heavily trafficked trail two mile trail that not only gives you this pay off, but yields beautiful views of the larger Cumberland Falls along the trail. Bring your swim suit if it's warm out, Eagle Falls makes the perfect swimming hole. 

2. The Pinnacles - KY

     The Pinnacles are located two and half hours away in Berea, Ky. This trail system has a West Pinnacle and an East Pinnacle and multiple other overlooks along the way. The entire area holds 6-8 miles of trails depending on how you hike them. Bring a snack and soak in the views from all directions!

1. Dog Slaughter Falls - KY

     Dog Slaughter Falls (yes I know, the name is terrible)  is also located in the Cumberland Falls area. It maxes out the travel restrictions I've put on this blog post, but three hours in the car is worth it, I promise. This is a 2.2 mile trail that snakes alongside a beautiful stream all the way to the end. It's the most relaxing hike listening the the sound of water the entire way. In the summer it will be busy, but not as much as Eagle Falls since it isn't as close to the main state park attractions. 

     Get out there and take a day trip. It doesn't have to be far to be rewarding!