Maria Goes

Maria Goes.

     ...That's what people think about me at least. I can't tell you the amount of times that a friend or acquaintance has come to me and asked, "Do you still work? You're always on a trip or going somewhere!". This statement never fails to catch me off guard because to me, it seems like my 40 hour work week is all that I do. Wake up, coffee, desk, emails, numbers numbers numbers, clock out, eat, workout, sleep. That is the normal schedule.

     So if that's the non-glamorous truth, then how are people getting the impression that I'm constantly adventuring in the woods, mountains, or even just a new city? The answer, my friends, is the "micro adventure". A phrase coined by the inspirational Alastair Humphreys. He describes a micro adventure as " Simple expeditions and challenges which are close to home, affordable and easy to organize". 

     Despite my despairingly average week life, I try to create as many three day or two day weekend excursions as I can possibly muster during the weekends, along with a few weeknight activities to spice up the monotony of my existence. Camping, biking, hiking, road tripping. It's simple!

     I suppose that my skill set of being not only a meticulous planner, but also a photographer, lead people to believe I have an overly exciting lifestyle simply because I document the places I go, the people I'm with, and the things I see a whole lot more than the average human bean. (That was one good run on sentence, eh?)

     So, what has been the point of all of this needless information? I have made the decision to utilize the blog feature on my website that I pay for year after year but never put to use. Instead of flooding my portfolio with every photo I take, I will add them to blog posts where I will re-cap the "adventures' that I experience. Follow along, leave a comment, and ask some questions, and even subscribe if you'd like! I'm happy to share the things that perk up a young (semi) professional's life.

(Photos below are from 2017 excursions)