Sometimes You Aren't Inspired

Sometimes you aren’t inspired.

And currently, I haven’t been. I was hoping with all my new years goals and excitement for a brand new start, that I would stick to a strict posting schedule and just crank out the content for my existent (or more likely, nonexistent) readers. Instead, I’ve just been dealing with a whole lot of work stress and an abhorrent amount of rainfall which has kept me from being as adventurous as I would like.

When things in my 9-5 work grind get overwhelming, I tend to shut down. I shut down on friends, on work itself, family, and on creative endeavors. Quite frankly the only thing keeping me sane is that fact that I’ve been climbing about five times a week.

I have a blog post about my January trip to Pickett State Park just chilling in my drafts that is about ⅓ of the way finished, so hopefully someday that will see the light of day. But for now, I’m still on an accidental hiatus until the (excuse the somewhat gross cliche) creative juices start flowing.

Hopefully if weather cooperates, I’ll have a mini climbing weekend in Chattanooga that I can share with you, and possibly some small day hikes. But for now, I’m gonna keep trying to eat all the vegetables I can stand, drink some more water, take it easy on the Starbucks blonde espresso (cause that stuff is TIGHT), and go to bed at a reasonable hour. And hopefully real-life-not-so-fun work stuff dies down soon-ish (but it most likely won’t).